Darcy Bloom - Lead Photographer

          My name is Darcy Bloom, I am the owner and artist behind Blooming Photography. I have an Associates Degree In Photography and have been capturing the greatest moments of peoples lives since 2008. Before that I served as an enlisted active duty memeber of the United States Air Force. I am also a parent to my wonderful daughter Brianna. 

          My goal as an artist is to capture moments in time that bring forth the true personalities of my subjects. I take the time to work with each individual in order to obtain a high end look that also shows who they are, while being able to relax and have fun with it. With this said, I love working with my clients and cannot wait to work with you.






What's In My Bag:

* Canon 5D Mark III (Main Camera)

* Canon EOS 6D (Secondary Camera)

* 24-105 mm f/4 Canon L Series Lens 

* 50 mm f/1.8 Canon Lens

* 75-300 mm f/4-5.6 Lens

* 600 EX-RT Speed Light Flash

* Sekonic L-758 Light Meter

* Alien Bee Studio Lights

* Passport Color Checker

* Adobe Lightroom CC

* Adobe Photoshop CC

Awards And Honors:





* Finalist 2015 World Wide Photographers Forum Magazine College Competition.

* Pixoto Awards Click Here To View.

* Associates Degree In Photography From MATC With Honors.

* Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Member

* Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society Member

* Professional Photographers Of America Member