Photography Classes


Improve your photography skills by taking one of our 1 on 1 classes. Classes are all taught by Owner and Photographer, Darcy Bloom. Classes are structured to help you learn as much as you can in an organized fashion. If you are interested in any of our classes contact us and let us know days and times you are interested in taking the class.






Kids Posing Class
1 hour - $45
Beginners DSLR Class
1 hour - $40

Get away from using the Auto setting on your camera with our beginner 1 on 1 class with Darcy Bloom. Learn about ISO, Shutter speed and F-stops. Basic camera care and lens cleaning is also tought in this course as well as many other camera settings. This is the first step in becoming a pro. This course will be taught in our studio where you will be able to learn with professional grade equipment! 


*Bring your DSLR, Lenses, Camera Manual (if you have one), and other items you have in your camera bag that you would like to possibly learn more about.

Lightroom Editing Class
1 hour - $40

Do you have a difficult time posing young children? This is the perfect class to learn how to captire amazing portraits  of babies and little kids. A live model is provided for this class by Blooming Photography but you can bring your own as well. You will be shown tricks to grab little ones attention and get them to sit still as well as numerous basic poses that always look great!


*Bring your DSLR with at least one Lens that has between 24-100mm capabilities as well as a good F-stop range such as 2.8-11. 


Basic Lighting Class
1 hour - $40

We all know learning Lightroom is a big part of digital photography. Darcy will teach you how to bring your images into lightroom CS6 and/or CC and edit them properly. She goes over the different modules in the program and what each portion does. With this organized class and 1 on 1 time, you will be able to start creating with many new skills when you leave. 


*It is ideal to have a laptop with lightroom loaded on it already. 

Do you have a hard time understanding studio lighting? Learn how to use Alien Bee flash heads in a studio setting (Alien Bees are also very similar to numerous other commonly used flash heads). You will learn how to use a hot shoe attatchment and cord, as well as how to use pocket wizards to shoot wirelessly. Learn the proper way to use umbrellas to bounce light and softboxes. All necessary techniques for capturing the perfect portrait. We will also go over some outdoor lighting techniques and how to use a reflector.


*Bring your DSLR camera with at least one lens that has between 70-200mm capabilities as well as a good F-stop range such as 2.8-22mm.